Are you an underbuyer or an overbuyer?

You’re an overbuyer if… 

  • You purchase huge supplies of items like shampoo or envelopes.
  • You often make a purchase, such as a tool or tech gadget, with the thought, “This will probably come in handy some day.”
  • You find yourself throwing things away—milk, medicine, even cans of soup—because they’ve hit their expiration date. 

You’re an underbuyer if… 

  • You often scramble to buy an item after the point at which you need it. 
  • You consider buying an item, then decide, “I’ll get this at another time.”
  • If you must buy something, you buy as little as possible.

So underbuyers—buy what you need, without procrastination! Overbuyers—think it over before you whip out your wallet!


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