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You are light You are peace You are powerful



“Beauty isn’t something that is unequal between people —

we all posess it, and in equal amounts, we just express it differently.
Think of people as flowers… Some are roses, some are daffodils, some are lillies or orchards, etc. – but they are beautiful in their own unique way… Yes? Your personal opinion may tell you that you think orchards are more beautiful than lillies, but someone else’s may vary. So just because you’re a hibiscus when you want to be a sun flower – doesn’t mean you are any less beautiful. Does it? And theres no use trying to turn yourself into a sunflower or change things about you to look more similar to one, because rationally it will never work, will it? All you can do is nourish yourself to be the best hibiscus that you can be! The more you cherish yourself, the brighter you’ll blossom.”

9 Healthy Ways to Kickstart the New Year

What do you want to accomplish with your clean slate?

Different milestones throughout the year give us the feeling that we have the opportunity to make a fresh start. What gives you this feeling — your birthday, the New Year, back-to-school? What might you plan to start fresh in 2018?