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Add a Little Comfort to Your Life

Look for ways to make your daily life more comfortable. Do you often feel chilly while watching TV? Buy a soft throw. Do you struggle to reach the high shelves in the kitchen? Get a light stepstool. Never bothered to replace the burned-out lightbulb in the closet? Take a minute and put in a new one. Little conveniences can make daily life a lot easier and more pleasant.

You are capable of more than you know.

Symbols of Good Fortune

Buddhism has eight “auspicious symbols.”

  1. Parasol
  2. Golden fish
  3. Treasure vase 
  4. Lotus
  5. Conch shell
  6. Endless knot
  7. Victory banner
  8. Wheel of dharma

What are your auspicious symbols? An owl, a dolphin, a sundial, a mug?

It’s a good week to have a great week!

Kiss Back Pain Goodbye With This Simple Stretch


Schedule Time to Goof Off

Sometimes, we find it hard to rest and relax; we want to be “productive.” If that describes you, take a wider view of what “productive” means. Time spent with your family and friends isn’t wasted. To do a lot of something, you have to allow yourself some time to do nothing.