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Endowment Effect

The psychological phenomenon of the “endowment effect” means that once we own an object, we value if more. You may not have wanted that orange freebie coffee mug, but once it’s yours, it’s difficult to give it up. For this reason, don’t take or buy things you don’t truly want, because you’ll find it hard to let them go. Possessions consume time, space, and energy, which are very precious. 


Spontaneous Trait Transference

In “spontaneous trait transference,” people spontaneously and unintentionally associate what you say about the qualities of other people with you. If you describe a colleague as hilarious, for example, the listener associates you with that quality. 

Mise en Place 

Happiness Lexicon 

Mise en Place 
Mise en place is a term derived from the world of cooking — French for “everything in its place.” Mise en place describes the preparation done before starting cooking: chopping, measuring, gathering ingredients and implements. Mise en place ensures that once a cook has started, there’s no need to run out to the store or search for a sifter. Mise en place is preparation, but it’s also a state of mind. Nothing is more satisfying than working easily and well; so take the time to set yourself up properly for any important task. Clean off your desk, get the phone number, or find the file.