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To reach a certain level of self-worth, you have to practice … every day. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start. Today is your day.


Don’t use your energy to worry Use your energy to believe

We all have something within us that this world needs

Of course I struggle, I just don’t quit

self-care, at its core, is giving yourself permission to do whatever it is that you need to be ok


5 REMINDERS FOR THE DAY 1 You do not have to sort through everything in your mind today in order to be okay, and take each moment breath by breath. 2 You can still listen to music or read a book or have a look outside even with a crowded mind. 3 You can still make something new that is honest and meaningful even if it is only ever seen by you 4 You are allowed to think and feel and dream today … even before things fall into place 5 You are going to be okay. And not because life is perfect but because of this glorious unmerited favor called grace


Nothing meaningful happens overnight

You are beautiful